C-LAB : Policy & Guidelines


The Computation Lab is open 24 hours per week. The open hours are posted on the Computation Lab website: http://clab.concordia.ca and outside the Computation Lab at EV 7-760.


Students must pay a departmental fee of $50 (covers the Autumn and Winter semesters).
These fees are required to cover the maintenance of audio-visual equipment in the CDA-EV Depot and maintain Department-specific labs. The Departmental fees must be paid within the first two weeks of classes. Payments can be made online at: https://stores.concordia.ca/supplies/fine-art- fees.html. For payments in person please visit the Art Supply Store in the VA Building or the Concordia Bookstore (CASH OR DEBIT CARD ONLY). The student will receive a receipt, which must be taken to the Department Administrator (Michelina Sardella). Non-payment will prevent students from borrowing department-owned audio-visual equipment and disallow access to the Sensor/Visual Communications and Computation Labs and the Documentation Room.


The Computation Lab welcomes all DART & CART students who have paid the departmental fee. The Computation Lab gives priority access to CART 253 students in the Fall Semester and CART 263 students in the Winter Semester.

The Computation Lab can accommodate a maximum of 8 persons at any one time. In order to reserve a time slot please contact the Computation Lab Coordinator via email or in person. Each person will be allowed to reserve a time slot for a period of up to four hours a day, with the maximum of two days in a row. A reservation will be held for a 15-minute grace period. After 15-minutes, the session will be given to any student(s) waiting.

Students from other 200 or 300 classes are welcome to use the Computation Lab provided they respect the following criteria:

  • Students are required to have attempted the assignment to the best of their ability and completed any of the required readings and tutorials before going to the Computation Lab for assistance.

  • Students are required to first communicate with their instructor directly when they feel that they are lacking certain tools and methodologies to complete an assignment or in the case where they do not understand the assignment requirements.

Students from 400 level classes are also welcome and encouraged to use the resources available in the Computation Lab in order to realize their projects.

If students from a class other than CART253 and CART263 are found to be using the Computational Lab to an inordinate degree, the Computation Lab Coordinator will contact the Computation Lab Supervisor and the course instructor to arrange a meeting to discuss how to mitigate the demand.


Students who have paid their Departmental Fee can borrow certain equipment from the Computation Lab. Please refer to the Equipment Section of the website for a detailed list. The loan period for equipment will be determined on an individual basis. The student is required to leave their student id (the number), phone number and email address with the Computation Lab Coordinator upon borrowing equipment. Borrowed equipment must be returned on time, unaltered and in working order.


Students are liable for the repair or replacement cost of any equipment they borrow from the Computation Lab, which has been lost or damaged whilst in their possession.




At the end of each semester, all files will be deleted from the workstations. Therefore, please ensure that you have backed up all your files stored on the Computation Lab workstations.


The Computation Lab offers workshops and tutorials throughout the semester. The exact nature and schedule for this will be published at the beginning of each semester.

In-class Tutorials, Presentations and Workshops:

The Computation Lab Coordinator welcomes all requests for in class tutorials from faculty throughout the active semesters. Scheduling of an in class tutorial requires that the following procedure be followed:

  • At a minimum, a two-week notice is necessary.
  • A concise and clear description with respect to the requested in class tutorial is recommended.
  • The duration of an in-class tutorial will be a maximum of two hours and the requester should be present.

Computation Lab Workshops

The Computation Lab offers workshops over the course of each semester, open to all DART and CART students.

  • The duration of a Computation Lab workshop will be a maximum of three and a half hours.
  • Students must sign up for the posted workshops in advance: either by using the signup sheet located next to the Computation Lab (EV-7.760) or via email. A workshop will be held for a minimum of 3 persons and a max of 8 persons.
  • Workshops announcements will be sent out to the CART & DART student mailing list and will be available on the Computation Lab website.
  • The Computation Lab is open to any requests or ideas for potential workshops. Please contact the Computation Lab Coordinator in person or by email for such requests.