Development Resources-OLD

Web Design

css Zen Garden – a demonstration of the power of CSS
W3 Schools – a great introduction to ALL web-based languages
Web Design Resources – A comprehensive list of tools etc… for all things web design
Opera Web Standard Curriculum – A comprehensive resource introducing the basics of web design and web standards
Treehouse – Treehouse is a video-based service, offering web design training in HTML and CSS and more … – Like Treehouse, offers a wide range of video-based tutorials that can teach you how to design websites – there are also free taster tutorials available
Don’t fear the Internet – An excellent resource for artists and designers to learn the fundementals of web design from the ground-up.
Smashing Magazine – The web design blog Smashing Magazine is a good resource of tutorials on all aspects of the process for Web Design.
Code Academy – A free web design training resource … (as well as other training programs).
Webdesigntuts+ – Another gigantic resource of training materials for web design – for free.
Code School – A training program – whose approach requires one to do interactive coding in the browser.
CSS-Tricks – Latest CSS techniques and tricks are discussed by experienced professionals.
Stack Overflow – Want any question answered?
HTML5: The Missing Manual – is a very comprehensive book for learning HTML5 – Recommended!
CSS: The Missing Manual – is the CSS version of the aforementioned. Again, if you would like to learn CSS – then this book is for you.
HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites – This book by John Duckett is truly a classic for a practical guide to HTML and CSS.
JavaScript and jQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development – The companion book to the aforementioned – just for Javascript and Jquery.

Web Development

PHP Language Reference
PHP Freaks – examples and tutorials on everything PHP – A reference that is ideal as a reference manual – with tutorials.
Hacking With PHP (Formerly Practical PHP Programming) – A comprehensive guide to php, broken down into chapters of interest with many exercises.
Mozilla Development Network – A comprehensive guide from beginner web design to more advanced development techniques.
PEAR – is a framework and distribution system for existing PHP code and components.
mysqltutorial – A comprehensive resource of sql tutorials for all levels


XAMPP (Windows, OSX, Linux)
WAMP (Windows)
LAMP (Linux)

Resources for creating a web portfolio

A Presentation – 2015 (created for DART 444) of Resources and Tips
For Portfolio Website Creation
A Presentation – 2016 (created for DART 444) of Resources and Tips
For Portfolio Website Creation


P5.js – a JS client-side library for creating graphic and interactive experiences, based on the core principles of Processing.
JQuery An essential JS library for the seamless creation of rich, interactive web applications. – All things to do with javascript: resources, libraries, tutorials …
JavaScript Source – JS scripts for virtually any application.
Mozilla Dev Network – An excellent resource for anything regarding the JavaScript language.
JQAPI – is an alternative to the official API documentation
JSFiddle – A platform allowing you to create, share, execute and test your JavaScript right in the browser.
Eloquent JavaScript – A wonderful introduction to programming and the JavaScript language.
Node -NodeJS is one of the web’s most popular server-side JavaScript frameworks
How To Node – A Resource for Node.js Development


C and C++